X4-1000 Cyclone

X4-1000 Heavy Lifter

Heavy Lift Drone for Larger UgCS Sensor Payloads

The X4-1000 is pure power, maximum performance combined with efficiency and safety. Exceptional performance and capacity,
together with numerous cutting-edge technologies, they guarantee a safe and precise flying experience. With a powerful and expressive design, the X4-1000 is designed with pure passion.

Tried, tested  and approved with various UgCS sensors by SPH Engineering, this platform is capable of carrying the heaviest of sensors with a flight time in excess of 30 minutes with a 5kg payload. Ths makes this drone ideal for longerwave length Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) like the RadarTeam Cobra series, and perfect for the ever popular EM61 drone metal detector.

X4-1000 Cyclose Drone

All Weather System

The X4-100The powerful and aggressive proportions with the IP53 waterproof protection give this drone an authentic technical and industrial character never seen before. The look is completed by the elegant aluminum elements black anodized and sintered composite materials.

Outstanding flight performance and capabilities in all weather conditions make X4-1000 unique. Safety expression, the streamlined design is completed by a driving dynamics extremely responsive and perfectly technology integrated.

Waterproof Brushless Motors
The powerful waterproof brushless motors capable of 14KG of thrust with large 30”carbon fiber propellers ensure high performance in
flight with autonomies up to 60′ of flight.

Fully Compatible with UgCS Software

Thee X4-1000 is powered by the latest generation of Flight Controller PixHawk Cube Orange 2.1. This system is fully compatible with UgCS Pro, Expert, Enterprise and CPM software products. The whole package has been extensively trialled and tested at SP Engineering’s sensor test centre, to ensure the systems configuration with the Custom Payload Monitor (CPM). The X4-1000 is therefore the perfect partner for flying heavy payloads supplied from UgCS Integrated Systems.

This system comes with signicant integral redundancy, and benefits from smart batteries making the X4-1000 the ideal partner for industrial applications. With a multistandard hardware interface with CAN, UART, I2C, PWM, S-Bus and API I / O ports, the X4-1000 provides for any peripheral, sensor or camera.

Main Characteristics

• Carbon frame with quick coupling arms
• Remote controlled retractable trolleys (intelligent)
• Ready to fly, tested and calibrated by our technicians
• Flight Controller with redundant electronics (3 IMU)
• GNSS system with double constellation GPS + Glogass)
• Easy and safe to use with GPS assisted guidance
• Automatic return home in case of emergency or low battery level
• Flight planning integrated app in smart controller
• Autonomous flight for missions with waypoints and scans
• Black box with automatic flight log + GPS recording
• Universal control interface for gimbal and sensors
• Manual or automatic photo trigger from FC during missions
• Georeferenced photographs with GPS log
• Up to 60 minutes of flight autonomy with 1kg of payload
• Up to 10 km of visible transmission range
• HDMI and LAN input-Output
• Analog AV input for additional cameras
• 5000 meters of maximum flight height

Flight Ready

• 1 x X4-1000 Cyclone professional drone ready to fly
• 1 x Latest Generation Redundant Flight Controller PixHawk Cube Orange 2.1
• 1 x GNSS Here 3 GPS system
• 1 x Integrated 1090MHz ADS-B receiver
• 1 x Smart controller with 5″ touch display
• 1 x HDMI/Lan IN-Out, Wifi/USB telemetry stream and Sim Card Slot for 3G/4G connectivity
• 1 x Set 2 Batteries 265000mah 6S HV Tattu (60 min of autonomy @ 1.0 kg of payload)
• 1 x Dual charger 1200W (charges 2 batt. 25ah simultaneously in 60min)
• 1 x Predisposition for dual operator
• 1 x Multi-sensor HUB with Telemetry Port, Mavlink, S-Bus, PWM, HDMI, Ethernet, 12V@5ah, 5v@3ah
• 1 x Instruction manual in English
• 1 x Warranty and support 12

Technical Features

• Maximum precision in flight thanks to GPS / Glonnas ± 0.5m (up to 5cm in RTK)
• Maximum wind resistance <10m / s – 36km / h
• Maximum rotation speed 150 degrees / sec
• Maximum lateral inclination 25 °
• Maximum speed 18m/s – 65km/h (no wind)
• Maximum ascent / descent speed ± 2m / s
• Max current 3200W
• Typical power consumption in hovering 920W (@ 1.0 kg of payload)
• Dimensions: open 90 * 90 * 51h, closed 55 * 52 * 41h
• Motor center distance 120cm
• Weight: 11 kg with 2x25ah batteries
• Maximum payload 14kg
• Maximum takeoff weight 25.0 kg

If you would like to enquire how we can integrate UgCS sensors and the X4-1000 Cyclone into one complete package, get in touch to find out more.

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