Drone Technology & Application

JB UAS was created as a business brand of JBPRM Ltd in mid 2020 to support UgCS in making commercial drone users aware of the new drone-based sensor technology that was now available from UgCS. This relationship started with coverage just for the UK and Ireland, though we are now able to export to most places in the world.


We have developed a close relationship with UgCS and talk almost every day on topics varying from sensor technicalities through to market research and new product development. The relationship continues to get stronger day by day through working on special projects together. With access to the technical team in UgCS, we have our fingers on the pulse.

Technical Experts

JBUAS have developed a host of relationships with key technical experts from our key system manufacturers, so that we can support both customers and potential customers, with the information needed to make sound business decisions. Whether it is how an integration needs be configured, the best way to link two systems, or simply some advice on how to get the best from a system, we have it covered. For further information on our Ask the Expert service, click here.

Customer Commitment

At JBUAS we appreciate the importance of delivering above customer expectation. Delivering an enjoyable and appreciated customer experience requires us to monitor our service delivery performance so we can constantly look for improvements.

Our commitments to our customers:

  • We will always stride to enable customers to make informed investment decisions
  • We will always maintain close communications with our customers
  • We will always respect the customer’s business as an extension of our own
  • We will always offer solutions that are value for money
  • We will always value all customer feedback

The JBUAS Team

Jonathan Brindley

Sensor Solutions Manager

Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

Investor/Business Development

Emily Munton

Partner Account Manager

Chris Marshall

UgCS Training Manager