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UgCS Drone Sensor Systems

JB Unmanned Aerial Systems (JBUAS) is a trading name of JBPRM Ltd. As an official UgCS drone systems reseller or agent in the UK, we are able to provide integrated aerial systems on behalf of UgCS Intergrated Systems. UgCS is a trade name of SPH Engineering.

UgCS Integrated Systems is one of SPH Engineering’s product lines that involves an integration between a drone, various sensors, and UgCS software.

UgCS Drone Systems are integrated UAV kits from SPH Engineering. Each UgCS Drone kit comprises a sensor, UgCS software, the UgCS SkyHub onboard computer, and the UgCS True Terrain Following (TTF) radar.

Working across multiple sectors including Construction, Power, Oil & Gas, and the Public Services amongst many others, we work closely with our industry partners to deliver integrated sensor systems including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Echosounders, Sonar, Magnetometers, Metal Detectors, Conductivity Sensors, Methane Detectors. Other sensors can be integrated on request.

UgCS Integrated Systems Philosophy

All UgCS Integrated Systems are built around a central philosophy – sensor interchangeability.

Building a sensor system around core equipment means different geotechnical sensors can be added quickly and easily as and when required to suit a particular project need. To this end, UgCS sensor systems centre around an onboard computer called SkyHub that makes changing sensors simple.

SkyHub consists of both a hardware and software set designed to:

  • Implement custom flight control algorithms.
  • Boost UAV capabilities to conduct commercial surveys and inspection properly.
  • Collect and store data acquired by an onboard sensor.
  • Enable the download of stored data in various formats for analysis