DJI M Series

Supported Drones and Autopilots

Currently UgCS industrial drone based solutions are compatible with DJI M600, M600 Pro, DJI M300 RTK/M350RTK and DJI M210. UgCS also support custom-built UAV based on the DJI A3 flight controller.

DJI Matice Drone Overviews

Having the right drone package for your industrial sensor system will mean you’re ready to fly effective missions. These three platforms from DJI are fully supported by UgCS. For further information on our compatible drones, get in touch.

RadarTeam Cobra

DJI M600 Pro

Sensor Class: Large
Size unfolded: 1668 x 1518 x 759mm
Max. Flight Time: 40mins
Max. Payload: 6kg
RTK Option: No
Ideal Sensors: GPR, EM61


DJI M300 RTK / M350RTK

Sensor Class: Medium
Size unfolded: 810 x 670 x 430mm
Max. Flight Time: 55mins
Max. Payload: 2.7kg
RTK Option: Yes
Ideal Sensors: Most sensor types

Drone Methane Survey

DJI M210 (v1/v2)

Sensor Class: Small
Size unfolded: 34.9 x 34.6 x 14.9mm
Max. Flight Time: 38mins
Max. Payload: 2.3kg
RTK Option: Yes (M210 RTK)
Ideal Sensors: Falcon laser, R3, Echosounder

For more information, get in touch.

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