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Full Radiometric Video with 'In-Flight' OS

JBUAS is proud to be working with Workswell as their UAV focused solutions partner. Workswell is a European based manufacturing company with headquarters located in the beautiful and historic city of Prague. The company has been manufacturing thermal camera solutions since 2010, and continues to be focused on researching, developing, and producing innovative thermal imaging cameras, related systems and solutions for Industrial, R&D, OEM, and Medical applications.

Workswell delivers Cutting Edge Full Radiometric thermal cameras utilising ‘state-of-the-art’ thermal cores from the the world’s leading manufacturer, Teledyne Flir.

Fully Radiometric Video

The radiometric aspect is the difference between a pretty picture and quantifiable information. Having the temperature data from every pixel, allows you to build highly detailed reports, and share evidence of the findings – the scientific proof. For industrial asset inspections e.g. HV power lines and pipe systems, being able to provide highly accurate temperature changes along a surface is paramount to knowing the Fitness for Purpose (FFP) or End Of Life (EOL) status.

Workswell’s processing software, Thermolab, can not only process radiometric pictures, but it can also process radiometric video. This means faster inspections and surveys can be performed compared to other competing systems. The on-board/in-flight camera operating system (WIRIS OS) enables temperature points of interest to be identifed in the video and saved for Thermlab analysis and detailed reporting.

Gimbal & Camera Packages

Thermal Camera

The Most Advanced UAV Thermal Camera

Workswell WIRIS Enterprise

Workswell WIRIS® Enterprise is a Multi-sensor Camera that has been specifically designed for use with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/UGV), or drones. The WIRIS OS and integrated sensors provide unprecedented aerial imaging capabilities for a range of commercial drone applications, including thermal inspections, security applications, firefighting, geological, archeological, forestry studies, ecological and environmental research.

Weight: 0.68kg

Advanced Features

  • Temperature detection up to 1500°C
  • Thermal Camera Resolution of 1266 x 1010
  • Precise Laboratory Calibration of ±2 % or ±2 °C
  • 30X Optical RGB Zoom with Night Vision Mode
  • Range Finder to 1500m
  • Visual Camera Resolution of 16MPX

UAV Thermal Inspection, Survey Missions

Workswell WIRIS® Pro has been designed first and foremost as an inspection camera. Its thermal camera is equipped with a LWIR microbolometric sensor with 640 × 512 px resolution (in the 7.5 – 13.5 μm range) and the Super resolution mode functionality providing an option to have the final thermogram in the 1266 x 1010 px resolution.

The RGB camera comes with a Full HD (1920 x 1080 px) resolution and, most importantly, it provides an unrivaled optical ultrazoom 10x in real-time. The highest possible temperature that the thermal camera can measure is 1500 °C (2732 °F); included as an optional feature.

High measurement accuracy and precision metrology

We are aware that industrial applications can be very demanding when it comes to metrology and that at each stage. Each thermal camera is precisely and individually manufactured and calibrated.

Weight: 0.43kg

Pro Features

  • Full real-time data streaming
  • 10x optical zoom with vibration compensation
  • In-Flight full access to all camera functions
  • 50mK Sensitivity

UAV Science-Led Research Missions

Workswell WIRIS ProSc is a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera used for the most challenging applications like a geological, archeological and forest research, ecological  and  environmental  research, structural  research of buildings (dams, chimneys, bridges) etc.

Workswell WIRIS ProSc camera is designed for applications requiring the highest temperature sensitivity and accuracy, excellent service and soſtware support. That’s why the camera is offered in a research and education kit with WIRIS Data SDK for users’ application development and WIRIS Ethernet SDK for ethernet application development.

Weight: 0.43kg

Scientific Features

  • 30mK Sensetivity
  • 1500 degC Temperature Range
  • WIRIS Data SDK Development Kit

UAV Gas Leak Detection Missions

Workswell GIS-320 is a perfect solution to detect gas leaks using drones or as a handhald camera. The combination of a thermal and digital camera brings you the opportunity of environment protection as well as human health and safety.

The GIS-320 can detect a wide spectrum of gases, which are invisible to a human’s eye. The Workswell GIS-320 has a high sensitivity with a range of detection between 3.2–3.4 µm.

Detectable gases:

The camera has the capability of detecting hundreds of gases. These include VOC such as Benzene, Ethanol, Heptane, Ethylbenzene, Hexane, Isoprene, Methanol, MEK, MIBK, Octane, Pentane, Toluene, Xylene, Butane, Ethane, Methane, Propane, and Ethylene.

Weight: 1.6kg


UAV Agricultural, Crop Survey Missions

Workswell’s WIRIS Agro R is the first device of its kind designed to map water stress across large areas in the field of precision agriculture. The aim of this method and device is to determine the value of water stress in the plant stand. The Agro R software is patented and is powered by a powerful algorithm.

Crop drought – actual and real value. In the dry season what we are usually interested in is the actual effects of drought on crops. These impacts are not only dependent on the condition of the so-called climatic drought, but also on the groundwater drought, the size of the plant root system, etc. Measuring the water stress of plants with CWSI (Crop Water Stress Index) camera will help you to determine the actual and real effects of drought on the crop.

WIRIS Agro R offers four different colourmaps. From the point of view of data processing it is not important which colourmap you choose. In the application point of view a suitable palette choice can be very helpful.

Weight: 0.43kg

Agro Features

  • Patented Agro R onboard Camera Software
  • Water stress index (normalized to value from 0 to 1) included in every pixel
  • Temperature information included in each pixel
  • Real-time percentage calculation of the mass of the vegetation
  • Full real-time data streaming & evaluation

Gimbal for WIRIS Enterprise

The Pixy WE is a purpose-built gimbal for WIRIS Enterprise

The Pixy WE provides everything the WP gimbal does, but with a larger frame to carry the WIRIS Enterprise. The WE, like the WP comes with camera stabilisation with onboard HDMI and SMA ports.

Developed based on Gremsy T1 technology with a larger camera cage, the WE can plug and play with various platforms to provide high precision pointing accuracies for every industrial need. Like the Pixy WP, the WE is based on the most advanced single arm gimbal for industry experts on the market. Small and lightweight.

Weight: 0.5kg

Balancing Service

Workswell can provide users with a fully balanced system including camera and gimbal. This system is compatible for M300RTK via GPORT integration.

Gimbal Solutions

Gimbal for WIRIS Pro, ProSc, and Agro R

The Pixy WP is a purpose-built gimbal for WIRIS Cameras

The Pixy WP is the world’s first ever small gimbal (camera stabilizer) with onboard HDMI and SMA ports fully supported for infrared camera WIRIS Pro.

Developed based on Gremsy T1 technology with a larger camera cage, the WP can plug and play with various platforms to provide high precision pointing accuracies for every industrial need.

WP is first single arm gimbal made by Gremsy that supports multiple camera models. The Pixy WP is the most advanced single arm gimbal for industry experts in the market. Small and lightweight.

Balancing Service

Workswell can provide users with a fully balanced system including camera and gimbal. This system is compatible for M300RTK via GPort integration.


Gimbal for GIS-320 Optical Gas Imaging Camera (OGI)

Gremsy T7 brings the next level of industrial gimbals. Boasting a robust design and powerful motor, Gremsy T7 is the next level of heavy liſting gimbal for industrial applications.

With a large camera cage and ability to carry up to 2.2kgs, the T7 expands the range of compatible cameras and is capable of loading multiple specialized sensors at once.

Weight: 1.86kg

Balancing Service

Workswell can provide users with a fully balanced system including Camera and Gimbal.



Connect your WIRIS Thermal Camera effortlessly to your M300RTK using a GREMSY gimbal via Gport.

The GREMSY GPort is an add-on accessory enabling users to integrate GREMSY gimbals with M300 RTK & M200 V2 drones, adding a new level of efficiency to commercial missions. Fly Workswell Drone Thermal Cameras on the amazing DJI M300RTK.

Weight: 0.116kg

M300RTK Balancing Service

Let Workswell balance your GREMSY Gimbal and GPort with your new Workswell Thermal Camera. This service will fine tune the payload’s centre of gravity and optimise the operation of the onboard gimbal motors.


Workwell ‘In-Flight’ Operating System (WIRIS OS)

All Workswell UAV Thermal Cameras benefit from an advanced on-board ‘In-Flight’ Operating System (WIOS). WIOS is truly unique in the market enabling the pilot to be in complete control of the camera function while in flight.

‘In-Flight’ Features include:

  • Change Temperature range settings
  • RGB camera zoom, primary camera choice
  • Picture-in-Picture, opacity of thermal overlay
  • Automated trigger on/off and resulting actions
  • Change colour pallets
  • Min, max, middle temperature on-screen ID points
  • Advanced camera settings including control protocols



Thermolab is an advanced yet intuitive software tool for detailed analysis of thermal data outputs, allowing the user to edit the data into different formats and create clear reports. Thermolab is free issued to all users of Wrokswell Thermal Cameras.

An array of standard analysis functions are available in the program (temperature at a point, minimum and maximum of the area, temperature profile, zoom, temperature scale change, color palette, emissivity, etc.), as well as extended functions such as GPS location of an image and the ability to display RGB digital images.

Full Radiometric Data

ThermoLab reads radiometric images and videos provided from Workswell thermal cameras. This means that behind every pixel of each video frame, lies a richness of data putting the user in complete control.

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