Payload Weights

Indicative Solution Weights

To get an indication of system ‘in the air’ total payload weights, add SkyHub/TTF (0.413kg) to the sensor weight. Add ODR if required for your system.

Core System Weights Kilograms
SkyHub Computer 0.245
TTF/ODR Radar/Radar 0.168/0.125
Ground Penetrating Radar Kilograms
Cobra SE-40 GPR 5.7
Cobra SE-70 GPR 4.7
Cobra SE-150 GPR 4.5
Zond 500A GPR 3.3
Zond 1000A GPR 3.3
Hydrology Systems Kilograms
ECT400 Echosounder 1.6
ECTD032 Echosounder 2.1
SWiFT SVP Sound Velocity 2
QuickDip SideScan^ Sonar Scanner 2.3
Methane Detection Kilograms
Falcon Methane Detector 0.3
Metal Detector Kilograms
EM-61 Metal Detector 5.5
Magnetometers Kilograms
MagArrow* Magnetometer 1
MagDrone 4** Magnetometer 3 (1.6)
MagDrone 3^^ Magnetometer 0.9


* Without Batteries
** With battery (DJI M300RTK version)
^ Varies with options
^^ Power from SkyHub

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