Payload Weights

Indicative Solution Weights

To get an indication of system ‘in the air’ total payload weights, add SkyHub/TTF (0.413kg) to the sensor weight. Add ODR if required for your system.

Core System Weights Kilograms
SkyHub Computer 0.245
TTF/ODR Radar/Radar 0.168/0.125
Ground Penetrating Radar Kilograms
Cobra SE-40 GPR 5.7
Cobra SE-70 GPR 4.7
Cobra SE-150 GPR 4.5
Zond Aero LF GPR 2.1
Zond Aero 500A GPR 2.1
Zond Aero 1000A GPR 2.1
Hydrology Systems Kilograms
ECT400 Echosounder 2.1
ECTD052 Echosounder 2.2
TOPODRONE Aquamapper Echosounder 2.1
SWiFT SVP Sound Velocity 2
QuickDip SideScan^ Sonar Scanner 2.3
Methane Detection Kilograms
Falcon Methane Detector 0.3
Magnetometers Kilograms
MagArrow* Magnetometer 1
MagDrone R4** Magnetometer 1.6
MagDrone R3^^ Magnetometer 0.9
MagNIMBUS QuSpin*** Magnetometer 1.3(1.6)


* Without Batteries
** With battery (DJI M300RTK version)
^ Varies with options
^^ Power from SkyHub
*** 1.6kg for Gradiometer version

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