Customer Support Services

System Hire

System Hire

If you already have a UAV drone and pilot set-up, an alternative to investing in a UgCS drone sensor system is to hire a system instead. This service allows you to utilise your own business resources meaning you stay in control of every aspect.


Project Support

We believe that it is important to give our customers an alternative option to purchasing a UgCS sensor solution. That’s why, if your business is not quite ready to purchase a UgCS sensor system, we can provide you with direct project support.

GPR Training Riga

System Training

We deliver UgCS certified UgCS software training including core products such as UgCS Pro, UgCS Enterprise, and Mapper Training. With our close ties with UgCS, we are able to provide a full range of sensor training including the world’s first dedicated full Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) course from SPH Engineering.

Full Training Support Available on Request