UAV Search & Inspection Sonar Sensor

UAV Search & Inspection Sonar Sensor

Integrated drone-carried search system with side-scan sonar or scanning sonar and accurate GNSS (GPS&GLONASS) positioning


  • Manual flight or use UgCS Pro for pre-planned autonomous search patterns
  • Includes UgCS SkyHub PC and True Terrain Following (TTF) radar altimeter
  • Data stored with timestamp and geo-location for postprocessing
  • On-board data storage on SkyHub and real-time data link to shore
  • Compatible with various drones in <25kg MToW class
  • Compatible Autopilots: DJI A3, PixHawk/Ardupilot and others
  • Start search within minutes of arriving on-site
  • Fast UAV battery swap for multiple missions over larger areas
  • Equipment weight in air: 1.8kg to 2.5kg depending on options

Swappable Sonar Options, with rapid swap-over on-site:
– Side Scan: Imagenex search& recovery 300kHz/850kHz
– Scanning Sonar: ImpactSubSea ISS360 sector scanner
– Other sonar options available, please enquire

• Supports HYPACK® Marine Search Software for UAVs:
– Position offset to Side scan (optional) via of ‘offset’ driver
– Real-time display of side scan targets
– Real-time analysis and location reporting
– Post search analysis and mapping
– Background: Electronic Navigation Charts or image maps.


  • Fast deployment from a safe site away from the water
  • Manual search mode for rapid deployment at complex sites
  • Autonomous map-based search patterns ensuring full coverage of larger areas
  • Quick set up for survey operations
  • Individualized incident projects
  • Export data to GeoTiff and Bitmap
  • images, easy to share and import for reports
  • Real-time mosaicking of sonar data, overlaid on background charts
  • Increases situational awareness and safety for divers

The Thurn QuickDip SideScan Sonar system is a breakthrough in UAV drone-based sonar search & inspection / recovery.

This sensor system is designed to support:

  • Diver submerged infrastructure inspections
  • Search and Recovery missions
  • Scour (fluvial erosion) projects
  • River Channel Assessments
  • Debris and object detection

Inspections and can provide answers to questions previously only possible by deployment of a diving team. Therefore, the system has capability to save both time and cost.

Standard Solution Supply:

  • QuickDip + SideScan Integration Kit
  • SkyHub with TTF, UgCS Pro Software + 1 year support and update package
  • Imagenex Side Scan Sonar Technology
  • System Cables & Mounting Pack
  • HYPACK Marine Search Software + 1 year support & update package
  • Protective Carry Kit Cases
  • System Training (4 Days)

Objects Identified by QuickDip

A drone is not included in this supply. Current supported drones are DJI M600Pro, M300RTK, and drones with Pixhawk + Ardupilot: Copter autopilots and the lifting capacity required (2.3kg).

See our LinkedIn Video here: Sonar Sensor

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