UgCS Obstacle Detection Radar (ODR)

Lightweight and integrated into UgCS SkyHub.

The ODR has been designed to be integrated into SkyHub and programable from the Custom Payload Monitor (CPM) firmware interface. It is designed to prevent UAV crashes into unseen objects like tree branches. It is ideal for UAV drones that are being flown at low levels for GPR or Magnetometry missions.

  • Simple to set up
  • Uses radar more sensitive than other built-in systems
  • Quickly programmed from CPM interface
  • Enables drone to stop, hover, return to home

UgCS Altimeter For True Terrain Following (UgCS TTF)

True Terrain Following mode enables the drone to fly at low AGL altitudes (up to 1 meter) without a need to import precise Digital Elevation Model (DEM) height-map into UgCS. To fly in True Terrain Following mode the onboard UgCS SkyHub computer is required.

  • Perfect touse in mining, engineering construction, and many other industries.
  • Have an extremely useful ability to see below the ground.

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