UgCS SkyHub and Methane Sensor

UgCS Falcon Methane Survey System

The Falcon Methane laser is a leading detection system of Pergam-Suisse, a manufacturer, distributor and service provider of world-leading gas leak detection systems and SPH Engineering, world’s premier provider of mission planning software and drone integrated systems. This UAV methane detection solution provides fast oversight for better decision making as to reduce methane release.

  • Sensitivity: 125ppm x m at 30m AGL
  • Max Practical Range: 50m
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • The onboard computer UgCS SkyHub transfers the Falcon’s data instantly to the remote control (RC) of the drone and to UgCS software.

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Methane Sensor

Pergam ALMA Mini Gimbal Methane Inspection System

The ALMA Mini Gimbal laser is small and light enough to fly economically on DJI (M300, M350) and other utility UAVs. It is a laser with a narrow field of view so high sensitivity for detecting smaller leaks. This system fully meets the requirements set out by the EPA for use with inspection for upstream and downstream assets.

  • Sensitivity: 5ppm x m at 30m AGL
  • Max Practical Range: 150m
  • Can come with an optional OGI camera
  • Payload weight: 2kg

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Methane Detection

Pergam LMF2 Methane Inspection System

At only 1.8kg, the LMF G2 is flown on both the M300/M350 and other non-DJI UAV platforms. The LMF G2 comes with an onboard full HD video camera (1920 x 1080). It’s sensor takes readings every 10th of second and is only responsive to methane meaning zero false flags. Remote detection can be made from distances of up to 100 meters, by measuring absorption of the laser by the methane along an optical path to any ground based target.

  • Sensitivity: 10ppm x m at 30m AGL
  • Max Practical Range: 100m
  • Automatic calibration
  • Payload weight: 1.8kg

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