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UgCS Integrated Systems provide a number of invaluable software packages to enable safe, effective, and efficient flight missions. If you’re thinking of buying UgCS software to support your missions with or without a sensor, take advantage of our coupon code [JBPRMUGCS] to get a significant discount over online UgCS prices.

UgCS Drone

UgCS Expert LIDAR Toolset

The UgCS LIDAR toolset unlocks the full potential of LIDARs enabling effective remote sensing without human error. Delivers everything that UgCS Pro delivers plus LIDAR capabilities.

  • Save time on mission planning with flight patterns and turns designed specifically for LIDAR surveys
  • Acquire high-quality laser data with preset IMU initialization patterns and anti-shake LIDAR turns
  • High accuracy of acquired data ensures getting desired results with one trip to the field

Supports most popular LIDAR platforms: DJI, YellowScan, Riegl, PhoenixLIDAR, LIDAR USA, GeoCue, Rock Robotics,  & GeoSun LIDAR

FREE Trial: Try before you buy with  a 14 day free trial.

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UgCS Drone

UgCS Pro

World’s leading Ground Control Software for UAV Drones

Safe and efficient toolset for UAV land surveying and industrial inspections. LIDAR, Magnetometer, GPR, automatic Area, Photogrammetry, Corridor, Vertical, and SAR survey planning tools with custom elevation data import and terrain following mode.

Supports most popular UAV platforms: UgCS DJI M600, M300, M200, Inspire, Phantom 4, Mavic and series, Parrot and Mavlink compatible Pixhawk/APM.

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UgCS Drone

UgCS Enterprise

Live Video Feed Features

All the features and benefits of UgCS Pro.

Benefit from a live video stream from UgCS for DJI to UgCS
(currently compatible only with Win & Android)

  • Multiple SDK connections
  • ADS-B Transponder
  • Compatible with UgCS Mapper to perform live video mapping.

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UgCS Mapper

Create Maps offline with UAV Drone Photogrammetry

Mapper is a lightweight software tool for making 2D maps and elevation out of drone imagery and video – purely offline.

Increase surveying productivity – validate the quality of dataset – collected images are suitable for map stitching, before leaving the survey area.

Higher flight safety – create up to date 3D map and elevation data, i.e., when default map sources are not accurate enough for safe mission planning.

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ATLAS Optimses Drone & Satellite Geospatial Data Analysis

ATLAS leverages AI to automate time-consuming manual analysis of UAV & Satellite data, such as object counting, volume measurements, making a true DTM, and much more.

ATLAS contains its own AI-engine, which learns from users activity and automates regular data analysis tasks.

ATLAS can be taught to identify changes of assets, components, and geospatial data over time, to support various monitoring, inspection, and integrity activities.

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Custom Integration & Software

UAS Integration & Custom Software Services

UAS integration services allow combining various technologies, sensors and cameras with automated airborne systems.

SPH Engineering is your partner for building, acquiring and consulting on the selection of airframes, autopilots, payloads for a particular application and performing proof of concept projects and required software development for complete integration.

SPH Engineering has vast experience in ground control software development and on-board control software development,and a well-known UgCS enterprise

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UgCS Drone

UgCS Commander

UgCS Commander is a simple but powerful tool to manage multiple UAV missions in parallel. It works as an alternative client of ground control UgCS software and supports all popular drones from DJI and systems based on Ardupilot or Px4.

This useful system of UgCS software manages the synchronized flight of multiple drones of different drone makers (DJI and non-DJI), multirotors, helis and fixed-wings, with any individual routes from any directions, performing any pre-planned manoeuvres.

This UgCS software is designed to test the effectiveness of counter-drone tactics.

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Drone Show

Full Turnkey Solution

Drone Show Software provides tools to manage astonishing outdoor shows by controlling up to thousands of drones as flying pixels.

This drone system by SPH Engineering is the very first commercially available software that manages its flights with lights, fireworks, smoke generators, and any other payloads.

Drone Show Software allows anyone with drones, ambition and a choreographer to create mind-blowing drone shows.

Take your events to the next level with revolutionary drone show control software which is already highly valued in many entertainment industries.

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