UgCS Drone Software - JBUAS Discount Code

SPH Engineering provide a number of invaluable software packages to enable safe, effective, and efficient flight missions. If you’re thinking of buying UgCS software to support your missions with or without a sensor, take advantage of our coupon code [JBPRMUGCS] to get a significant discount over online UgCS prices.

UgCS Drone

UgCS Commander

Efficient Multi-UAV Automation with UgCS Commander
UgCS Commander is a solution designed to manage multiple UAVs on automated missions simultaneously. It builds on industry-leading UgCS flight planning software.

  • Test counter-drone systems
  • Speed up automated drone surveys
  • Search and rescue operations

UgCS Commander offers a practical solution for those who rely on drones for diverse tasks. Our focus is on simplifying multi-drone operations and boosting your operational efficiency. Explore the benefits of UgCS Commander!


  • Simultaneously control multiple drones to save time and resources with coordinated drone flights
  • Supports DJI and other leading drone manufacturers, seamlessly integrating drones from different brands in a single platform
  • Real-time telemetry dashboard, allowing you to monitor critical drone data at a glance
  • 3D environment for drone monitoring, enabling you to visualize drone operations in real-time
  • Customizable flight control, allowing you to adapt drone missions on the fly

Supported Drones

    • Most popular DJI drones (Phantom 4 / PRO, M300/350RTK, etc.)
    • American-made drones: Inspired Flight, Freefly, Watts and other PX4/Ardupilot drones

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