UgCS Ground Control Software

UgCS is a product of SPH Engineering. UgCS is the leading drone control software designed to elevate your productivity. Utilising this safe and efficient toolset for land surveying and industrial inspections will enable pilots to achieve great results first time.

Whether your flying sensors like LIDAR, magnetometers, or ground penetrating radars, undertaking automatic area photogrammetry, performing building Facade or corridor pipeline integrity inspections, or even conducting Search and Rescue missions, the range of UgCS ground control software has you covered.

Acheive Better Results

Save time and money

  • One software to manage drones of diverse vendors
  • Import and create routes from customer provided KML data
  • Validate acquired data by stitching images UgCS Mapper – offline processing software

Increase surveying productivity

  • Automatic Photogrammetry
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Facade scan tool for vertical survey
  • Area scan tool for geophysical and non-camera sensors
  • Plan and fly missions without an internet connection with map caching capability
  • Fly long routes, resuming flights from a certain waypoint after battery change

Higher flight safety

  • Import DEM to increase accuracy and safety of terrain following mode
  • Adjust flight range and No-Fly Zones to comply with regulationst

Key Features

  • UgCS works without the internet
  • Beneft from 3D map terrain following, custom map & terrain import
  • KML Import and Export capability
  • Resume an interupted flight from where you left off

UgCS: Licenses comparison

Universal ground control software for UAV professionals

  • Waypoints, Linear, Circle, Perimeter, Area Scan tools
  • Automatic Photogrammetry, Vertical (Facade) scan, Corridor mapping, KML/CSV data import
  • DEM import
  • Elevation profile & Terrain following mode
  • Geo-referenced image import
  • Custom map overlays
  • ADS-B Receiver
Lidar Expert

Ground control software for survey experts using more advanced sensors Includes PRO features plus

  • LIDAR survey toolset*, unlocking the full potential of LIDAR surveys through preset flight patterns, automatic calibration, turns, constant line spacing, and buffer.

UgCS EXPERT License is now available only through SPH Engineering official resellers listed here.

*Currently supported for DJI M300, DJI M600 with integrated cameras, DJI Matrice 200/210 series

Advanced features for complex missions and scenarios Includes PRO and EXPERT functionality plus

  • Multi operator software for distributed drone teams
  • Live geotagged video streaming
  • Multiple SDK connections
  • ADS-B Responder