UAV Gradiometer System is MagNIMBUS

May 12, 2023

UgCS has launched their first UAV gradiometer system. The ultra-sensitive UAV gradiometer system is powered by QuSpin Gen-2 atomic total-field magnetometer sensors. It’s unique system design allows it to fly with an extremely low surface-to-sensor clearance. With its sphere sensor design, if the sensor touches the ground or upstanding vegetation, it will not lead to the drone crashing.

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Ground Penetrating Radar: New LF UAV Solution

January 26, 2023

In Janaury 2023, JBUAS was in Scotland supporting the testing of a new Low Frequency (LF) Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) designed specifically for integration with the DJI M300RTK. Our customer invested in an LF GPR system and wanted support to undertake initial configuration and testing. With a whole day dedicated to flying different configurations, a good understanding of the technology was possible.

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