Gradiometer UAV
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UgCS has launched their first UAV gradiometer system. The ultra-sensitive UAV gradiometer system is powered by QuSpin Gen-2 atomic total-field magnetometer sensors. It’s unique system design allows it to fly with an extremely low surface-to-sensor clearance. With its sphere sensor design, if the sensor touches the ground or upstanding vegetation, it will not lead to the drone crashing.

This capability is extremely important when for searching for small UXO items over fields with vegetation. The self-foldable sensor mount allows easy take-off and landing without the normal requirements for a high drone operator skill level as it is for required for magnetic sensors on suspension cords.

MagNIMBUS comes in two possible configurations:
– Vertical UAV gradiometer. This configuration greatly simplifies data processing and makes the need for a magnetic base station unnecessary.
– Configuration with single sensor with a foldable mount. Detection capabilities are the same as for gradiometer setup, but it requires experienced specialists for data processing; a magnetic base station is recommended in case of surveys close to sources of environmental magnetic fields.

Typical Applications:
– Searching for UXO (unexploded ordnance) and landmines in metallic casings
– Tramp metals and lost GET (ground engagement tools) detection
– Locating buried infrastructure (metal pipes and shielded cables)
– Archaeology
– Surveying for any metal objects weighing a hundred grams or heavier lying underground

Magnetometer UgCS Gradiometer

The system is capable of detecting a range of items ranging from hand grenades (estimated sensor-target distance for robust detection for target like F1 fragmentation hand grenade is 1.0m) to big ERW (explosive remnants of war) like aerial bombs at the distance of few meters. While the system is capable of detecting some specific types of landmines (TM-62M, OZM-72 and similar types with considerable amount of ferrous metal), landmines search is not a primary application of the system as it can misss many types of low-ferrous landmines. That means that the system cannot and should not be used to confirm absence of landmines.

For further information on this system, click this link: MagNimbus

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