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JBUAS partners Coptrz: JBUAS has finalised a long-term co-operation agreement with the UK’s leading drone technology provider, Coptrz. At the start of 2021, JBUAS and COPTRZ signed a long-term co-operation agreement that would see both partners work together to increase the awareness of geophysical sensors systems and how they can be deployed on projects.

Under the agreement, JBUAS provides specialist support for Coptrz with regards to UgCS integrated sensor systems and their integration into single drone packages for their customers. In return, Coptrz will provide guidance and support for DJI range of drones to UgCS customers.

The main aim of this partnership is to make drone-based sensor solutions more accessible to UK drone owners and pilots.


JBUAS Partners Coptrz


About Coptrz

With their unique dedicated sector experts working closely with JBUAS, they consult deeply with you to understand your needs then develop a truly transformational ‘impartial 360º drone solution’ covering all aspects of planning, flying, and data acquisition/analysis. JBUAS are now working closely with Coptrz to improve the accessibility of geophysical sensors to the market. Under the agreement, JBUAS offers a full consultancy capability.

You’ll also benefit from the biggest range of professional drone training courses in the world, including uniquely certified OFQUAL 4 and 5 qualifications – Coptrz has trained and certified more drone pilots than anyone else.

With Coptrz, you’ll get a lifelong partner who’s totally impartial to help you keep pace with technology evolution (including developments in geophysical sensors from JBUAS), so you can maximise the transformational benefits a Coptrz drone strategy will deliver – you won’t get this type of end-to-end impartial solution anywhere else.

Their unique proposition makes them the resounding market leader and it’s why they’re trusted to deliver ‘impartial 360º drone solutions’ to >1000 customers including major organisations like BMW; Bombardier; Costain; EDF; MoD; Pfizer; 30+ Universities; 40+ Police Forces & Fire Services.

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