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JBUAS, supplier of UAV-based sensor solutions, has signed a long-term sales agreement with EU manufacturer Workswell to distribute its range of thermal imaging cameras in the UK. Workswell’s ‘WIRIS Pro’ thermal camera, when combined with drone technology, is particularly useful for asset inspection, the detection of unseen leaks in gas pipes, faults in pipe insulation, damaged or faulty solar panels, or even hot side inspections found within the oil & gas sector.


The ‘Agro R’ thermal camera is designed for drone-based crop inspection and can pick up, via its patented onboard Agro R software, areas of water stress in visibly healthy crop fields.

Thermal Imaging Cameras









The ‘GIS-320’ model can detect leaks of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thus aiding the quick identification and repair of gas emissions leaking directly to atmosphere. This camera can detect up to 200 VOC gases making it perfect for leak detection on PSSR 2000 related assets.

The newest camera to the family – the WIRIS Enterprise, and the WIRIS Pro, the WIRIS Pro Science, and the WIRIS Agro R, are all compatible with all UAVs including the M300RTK. With the addition of the correct, widely available Gremsy gimble and Gremsy G-Port connection, attachment to the M300RTK is quick and effortless.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

WIRIS OS – Onboard Operating System

Particularly advantageous for inspection purposes are the cameras’ on-board operating systems (WIRIS OS), which mean many settings can be changed while the drone is in flight, e.g., to adapt thermal imagery to changing weather conditions, change colour palette, or even change temperature range, amongst many others.

Fully Radiometric Video

Workwell cameras record fully radiometric videos, so every pixel of every video frame contains data, giving users accurate temperature readings for every area of the asset or land surveyed. Pre-calibrated in the Workswell lab, the cameras are the most accurate in the market.


Jonathan Brindley, JBUAS Sensor Solutions Manager said: “Workswell cameras are a great addition to our drone inspection solutions; adding a thermal element means users can accurately detect leaks or breakages that are not visible to other cameras. We will be supplying these top-of-the-range cameras separately or as part of a complete drone inspection package.”


At the heart of the Workswell camera is a core from world-leading camera maker Teledyne Flir onto which Workswell, which is based in Prague, Czech Republic, builds the required functionality to transform it into a UAV thermal imaging system. Workswell also offers a balancing service for the gimble and camera (and G-Port where required for M300RTK).

Thermal Imaging Cameras


About JB Unmanned Aerial Systems (JBUAS)

JBUAS is a leading UK-based supplier and integrator of UAV sensor payloads. Working with industry partners, we develop and commercialise drone-based sensor solutions across multiple industrial sectors. We support businesses and organisations to innovate using geophysical sensors such as gas detectors, ground penetrating radars (GPR), magnetometers and sonar systems, amongst others, as well as thermal camera systems, including those used for industrial asset inspection, agricultural assessments, and property/people surveillance and security. We are strategic distribution partners for SENSYS, Workswell, and SPH Engineering.

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