SENSYS & JBUAS Shake on deal at SENSYS HQ
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JBUAS (UK) and SENSYS (Germany) are pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, JBUAS is the UK specialist distributor of SENSYS’ current and future range of UAV MagDrone magnetometers, used in construction, oil and gas, renewable power and other industries.

SENSYS UAV MagDrone Technology

Agreement at SENSYS HQ (Bad Saarow, Germany)

Drone magnetometry is a new innovation which reduces costs and improves the safety and accessibility of surveying sites or infrastructure routes. For example, the technology can be used to quickly and accurately detect the course of an existing pipeline or electrical cable or to assess if there are any obstacles on a proposed new cable or pipeline route.

As the magnetometers detect metal or magnetic objects below the ground, drone magnetometers can also be used for surveying pre-construction sites for hazards such as wartime unexploded bombs. Drones can also effortlessly survey difficult-to-access terrain, such as boggy and rough ground, or fields with planted crops. The current SENSYS UAV MagDrone range comprises two market-leading models, the R3 and R4.

The MagDrone R3 is a proven solution for a range of applications including bomb clearance, pipe and cable detection and mineral prospection, where mineral seams can be accurately mapped. With a sampling rate of 200Hz, the system can be flown at speed while maintaining the quality of data collected. 1m in length, with 2 fluxgate sensors at either end, the system delivers excellent stability across all drones, including the widely-used DJI M300RTK drone. This system is ideal for small- to medium-sized surveys.

SENSYS UAV MagDrone Technology

MagDrone R3 Airborne Magnetometer System


The MagDrone R4 has 5 fluxgate sensors spaced 50cm apart, to survey a width of 2.5m. This configuration provides users with the resolution, at low flight-heights, to pick up smaller objects than that found with the R3. Like the R3, the R4 samples at 200Hz, meaning flight speed can be up to 5m/sec. The system weighs only 1.6kg, making it ideal for taking full advantage of the long flight-time of the DJI M300RTK.

SENSYS UAV MagDrone Technology

MagDrone R4 Airborne Magnetometer System

Both systems can be used with the UgCS SkyHub with True Terrain Following (TTF), where both the drone’s power and telemetry (RTK data), can be utilised.

With the addition of the UAV MagDrone range, JBUAS can now offer customers complete, integrated magnetometer drone solutions, as well as providing demonstrations and trials for interested companies to ‘try before they buy’.

Jonathan Brindley (JBUAS Sensor Solutions Manager) said: “This agreement with SENSYS means we can offer a much better service for UK customers. We provide one-to-one support with an actual system in the UK, so potential users gain a better understanding of the technology, which aids their investment decision-making process. With drone magnetometers able to quickly perform survey work previously carried out by time-consuming and often hazardous physical inspections, the new technology is sparking interest in several industrial sectors.”


About JB Unmanned Aerial Systems (JBUAS)

JBUAS is a leading UK-based supplier and integrator of UAV sensor payloads. Working with industry partners, we develop and commercialise drone-based sensor solutions across multiple industrial sectors. We support businesses and organisations to innovate using geophysical sensors such as gas detectors, ground penetrating radars (GPR), magnetometers and sonar systems, amongst others, as well as thermal camera systems, including those used for industrial asset inspection, agricultural assessments, and property/people surveillance and security. We are strategic distribution partners for SENSYS, Workswell, and SPH Engineering.







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